Swann DVR CCTV Recorder 4980 16 Channel Security System 5MP Super HD 2TB Outdoor

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Swann 4980 16 Channel 5MP Super HD DVR with 2TB Hard Drive


A 16-channel security system suits small businesses or very large homes for outdoor and indoor surveillance.Mix & match up to 16 camera models to suit your budget & needs. Add lower resolution cameras to cover shorter distances, like inside a garage, and 5MP cameras to cover longer distances and zoom into details further away.Add True Detect thermal motion sensing cameras that auto record and send you a push notification when they detect heat from moving objects near the cameras.Thermal cameras also enable Dropbox integration to upload footage to the cloud, so you have image evidence safely stored off-site in case your DVR gets stolen.Add cameras to see your home on your phone, live or playback, from anywhere with the Swann Security app, while the massive pre-installed hard drive can store months of footage with no ongoing fees ever.With 2.4x the resolution of 1080p Full HD, capturing crime has never been easier with 5MP Super HD. With remote viewing on your smartphone, you’ll always have peace of mind with no ongoing fees.



Video Input


Video Outputs


Display Resolution

Up to 4K

Audio Input

1 x RCA

Audio Output

1 x RCA

Recording Resolution

Up to 5MP (2560 x 1920 pixels)

Hard Drive Support

Includes 2TB SATA HDD (supports up to 6TB)

Network Connection

RJ45 x 1

USB Interface

USB 3.0 (back) x1USB 2.0 (front) x1

Computer Operating System

Windows, Mac OSInternet ViewingSwann Security App (newer)

Internet Viewing

HomeSafe View App

AppHandheld Device

SupportediOS, Android, 3G/4G Smartphones & Tablets

Dimensions  (WxDxH)

14.9" x 12.4" x 2.09" /378mm x 315mm x 53mm

What's In the Box

  • DVR-4890 16 Channel DVR with 2TB Hard Drive
  • Ethernet Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Mouse
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers


Products Compatible with SODVR-164980H

  • SWPRO-1080SLPK2
  • SWPRO-1080MSDPK2
  • SWPRO-1080MSBPK2
  • SWPRO-1080MSFB
  • SRPRO-T852WB4
  • SRPRO-T835WB2
  • SWPRO-1080PTZ
  • SWPRO-T858PK2
  • SWPRO-1080ZLB
  • SWPRO-1080ZLD
  • SWPRO-1080FLB
  • SWPRO-1080FLD
  • SRPRO-T853WB4
  • SWPRO-H850PK2
  • SWPRO-H855PK2
  • SWPRO-H856PK2
  • SWPRO-A856PK2
  • SWPRO-A855PK2
  • SWPRO-A851V
  • SWPRO-A851PK2
  • SWPRO-A850V
  • SWPRO-A850PK2
  • SWPRO-843PK2
  • SWPRO-842PK2

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