Swann BNC Power Extension Cable RG59 DC CCTV Security Video Camera DVR Data 18m

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Genuine Swann BNC Shotgun Cable / RG59 Video DC Power Cable 18m White 12 Months Warranty


The video cable is terminated with male BNC connectors on both ends. These pre-made cables will simplify your surveillance system installation by eliminating the need to cut cables and crimp the ends on yourself. Because the power portion of the cable is male on one end and female on the other, there is no additional connector needed to connect the power portion of two cables together. If you need to extend the distance of your cable, you can connect two or more pre-made cables together by using a BNC double female connector. 

Please note 

that it is not recommended to link several cables together to create cable long runs longer than 250 feet.A brand new 2 WAY lead with video & dc power lead & BNC connections.Has ready made BNC crimps & power sockets.Suitable for CCTV or other AV applications.The best thing about these is that you run one lead for power & video, that makes life easy when fitting cctv, etc.Stock images are used, Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Connector colour could be yellow and red or Blue and red.



Technical Specification


Power Cable

2 in 1 Video

Power Cable

Video Connection

BNC composite

video (Yellow)

DC Power Connection


Male Plug 

2.1mm x 5.5mm x 10mm

Female Socket

2.1mm x 5.5mm x 10mm (Center Positive) 



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