Swann CCTV Camera Kit DVR8 4580 8 Channel 1TB 4 x PRO-1080MSB Thermal Sensing

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Swann 8 Channel Security System 1080p Full HD DVR-4580 with 1TB HDD  & 4 x 1080p Thermal Sensing Cameras PRO-1080MSB

This security system is packed with the latest CCTV tech, such as weatherproof cameras, night vision, push notifications and Dropbox integration.Get security evidence in 1080p Full HD with Full HD security cameras. Capture essential evidence such as license plates and facial features.True Detect thermal motion sensing triggers recording & push notifications when it detects heat from moving objects, like people & cars.See live or playback video on your phone from anywhere with the HomeSafe View app. 

Add up to 4 more cameras for a full 8 channel surveillance.

The massive hard drive stores months of footage with no fees ever. Link your DVR to Dropbox and upload still images to the cloud for off-site storage.Everything that you need is in the box, including 60ft (18m) BNC cables for each camera, HDMI cable, screws and security stickers.

True Detect Thermal Sensing Security System

With True Detect Thermal Sensing technology, this security system can detect moving warm objects, such as people & cars, to trigger recording & alerts, increasing the relevance of recordings & eliminating false triggers.

True Detect Thermal Sensing Motion Detection

The True Detect PIR sensor triggers auto recording & push notifications when it senses heat, like from people and cars.

Accurate Security Push Notifications

You’ll get push notifications when cameras detect movement from warm objects, such as people and cars allowing you to act immediately and potentially prevent any costly security incident

Save Evidence Off-Site

Set up the system to upload footage and still images to your Dropbox account in the cloud. So even if your video recorder gets stolen, you’ll have video evidence off-site.

Crime Prevention: the true value of True Detect

Pixel-based Motion Detection tends to generate a lot of false triggers, such as plants moving and birds. If your recorder is set up to email you in every Motion Detection event and most of events are irrelevant, you’ll most likely turn the email alerts off, and when a real security incident happens, you’ll only find out when you get home.

View your home on your phone

See the cameras live and play back recordings on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world with the HomeSafe View app.

Massive surveillance grade hard drive

The massive 1TB HDD is designed especially for continuous surveillance recording. Store months of recordings and easily transfer videos to a USB stick or download via network with no ongoing fees ever.

Weatherproof cameras built for any climate

Mount the cameras outdoors as they’re built tough to withstand rain, snow, sunshine and dust, day in, day out, rain or shine, with IP66 weatherproof rating.

See everything day or night

See in the dark up to 100ft (30m) at night or up to 130ft (40m) in ambient light with the powerful infrared night vision which automatically kicks in as the night falls.



Technical Specification


Video Quality


Viewing Angle


Night Vision Distance

Up to 100ft/30m or 130ft/40m in ambient light

PIR Thermal / Motion Sensor


PIR Sensor Range

Up to 32ft / 10m

Audio Microphone


Indoor / Outdoor

IP66 rated

Operating Temperature

22°F ~ 122°F -30°C ~ 50°C

Body Construction


Dimensions incl. stand

5.91” x 2.6” x 2.6” 150mm x 66mm x 66mm





Video Input

8 Channels

Video Outputs


Display Resolution

Up to 1080p

Audio Input

1 x RCA

Audio Output

1 x RCA

Recording Resolution


Hard Drive Support

1TB SATA HDD (supports up to 4TB)

Network Interface

RJ45 x 1

USB Interface

2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 1

Computer Operating System

Windows, Mac OSInternet ViewingSwann Security App (newer)

Internet Viewing

HomeSafe View App

AppHandheld Device

SupportediOS, Android, 3G/4G Smartphones & Tablets

Dimensions  (WxDxH)

9.05" x 8.3" x 1.9" 230mm x 210mm x 47mm




  • DVR 4580 8 Channel DVR with 1TB Hard Drive
  • PRO-1080MSB 1080p Cameras x 4
  • BNC Cables 60ft / 18m x 4
  • Ethernet Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter & Splitter
  • Mouse
  • Mounting Screws & Plugs
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers

Products Compatible with SWDVK-845804

  • SWPRO-1080PTZ
  • SRPRO-T853WB2
  • SRPRO-T855WB4
  • SRPRO-T852WB4
  • SRPRO-T855WB2
  • COPRO-781PK2
  • SRPRO-T845WB2
  • SRPRO-A855WB2
  • SRPRO-T858WB4
  • SRPRO-T857WB4
  • SRPRO-A855WB4
  • SRPRO-T852WB2
  • SRPRO-1080MSBWB4
  • SRPRO-T852WB1
  • SRPRO-T835BWB4
  • SRPRO-T835BWB1
  • SRPRO-T835WB1
  • SWPRO-1080MSD
  • SRPRO-T835WB4
  • SRPRO-T835WB2
  • SWPRO-1080MSB
  • SWPRO-T859PK2
  • SWPRO-1080MSBPK2
  • COPRO-1080FLB2
  • SWPRO-1080ZLB
  • SWPRO-1080ZLD
  • SWPRO-1080FLB
  • SWPRO-1080FLD
  • SRPRO-T853WB4
  • SWPRO-H851PK2
  • SWPRO-H850PK2
  • SRPRO-A850WB4
  • SWPRO-A851V
  • SWPRO-A851PK2
  • SWPRO-A850V
  • SWPRO-A850PK2
  • SWPRO-961CAM
  • SWPRO-843PK2
  • SWPRO-842PK2
  • SWPRO-761PK2
  • SWPRO-736PK2
  • SWPRO-643PK2
  • SWPRO-642PK4
  • SWPRO-642PK3
  • SWPRO-642PK2
  • SWPRO-536PK2
  • SWPRO-535PK4
  • SWPRO-535PK2
  • SWPRO-530PK2
  • SRPRO-A850WB2
  • SRPRO-642WB4
  • SRPRO-642WB2
  • SRPRO-642WB1
  • SRPRO-642BK4
  • SRPRO-535WB4
  • SRPRO-535WB2
  • SRPRO-535WB1

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